Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Scott Pops The Big Question

Craig SjodinABC Press

Scott Baldwin just wanted someone to talk to on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. He has things on his mind that are troubling him, but trying to get someone to listen has been a little tricky. After getting snubbed by Ava, he ended up turning to his son, Franco. After their conversation, Scott had somewhat of a revelation, and proceeded to take immediate action.

General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central tease that Scott makes a mess of things this week. He does have a way of not thinking things through once he sets his mind on something. For a while, it looked like maybe Scott might have gotten together with Ava Jerome after the whole Ryan Chamberlain mess. He had suggested a possible romance between them, but Ava told him that she considered him a good friend and wasn’t ready for anything more. He went to her on Tuesday hoping to get things off his chest about his life and about losing Gail. Ava was in a hurry and told him that he is just going through a midlife crisis and suggested buying a Ferrari, as she hurried off.

That didn’t go over very well with him. He then went to see Franco as they sat down together. Their talk started off with Liz and Franco’s wedding reception. Franco said he wants his dad to be there and to bring a date. That’s when Scott rambled on about the kind of woman he desires in his life. His perfect woman would be someone who could down martinis and be able to quote a line from “Jaws,” he said. Franco listened intently, while drinking a juice box.

Scott has been without a special woman in his life for a while now. He admitted how good it felt when Bobbie leaned on him when she fainted. He liked that feeling, he said. That’s when he suddenly had a revelation on what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

He rolled his scooter to where Bobbie was standing by the elevator. They discussed her health crisis, and she was anxious to get home to do some more reading about her diabetes and how to take control of it. Scott told her that she didn’t need to deal with it alone.

He then popped the big question saying, “Bobbie Spencer, will you marry me?”

Bobbie’s face was one of complete shock. She may think that he is joking. What will her response be? Executive producer Frank Valentini may have given a hint as to what is to come. He tweeted out that Scott gets his heart broken. Poor Scott may not get his happily-ever-after that he is seeking.

Be sure to watch Wednesday’s General Hospital to see if Bobbie says yes, or if she shoots the idea of marriage down quickly.