‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Describes Love Life As Song Title ‘Misery,’ Spoilers Tease Heartbreak Ahead

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The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that there are jaw-dropping shockers ahead for Hannah Brown, and it seems that she may not be working too hard to hide this at this point. While she cannot confirm anything too specific yet about how this season ends, some fans think she gave a pretty solid hint that supports the latest teasers in a fun video done for Ellen DeGeneres.

The video clip was shared on Tuesday via Ellen’s YouTube channel. Hannah was set to answer all of Ellen’s burning questions, and she went through most of them at a fast pace. Some of The Bachelorette star’s answers were quite funny, but there was one that definitely generated some buzz.

One of the burning questions asked Hannah to name a song title that best describes her love life right now. The Bachelorette star laughed as she chose the Maroon 5 song “Misery,” a pick that doesn’t exactly hint at a happy ending for this Bachelorette season.

It isn’t known for certain when this clip was filmed, but based on some of Hannah’s other answers, it seems brand-new. For example, when asked what her favorite curse word is, Brown cracked up as she figured she’d better answer with a certain expletive that was used numerous times in the preview that aired Monday night.

As for that miserable love life description, that does seem to sync up with what spoiler king Reality Steve has just shared. The Inquisitr details that according to what the gossip guru has uncovered, Hannah broke things off with her final rose recipient last week.

If Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers are correct, viewers will see this tough split play out in front of television cameras as the After the Final Rose special airs at the end of July.

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Fans appear to be collectively hoping that Hannah might reach out to her runner-up and see if he is up for giving their romance another try. So far, however, it’s not known if she’s considering that and if he would even be open to it.

Brown’s Twitter followers have noticed that she has tweeted some interesting posts in recent days. The Bachelorette fans speculate that these tweets probably make a lot of sense if the spoilers are correct, and Hannah recently broke things off with her supposed fiance from the show.

Are The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve right, and will Hannah Brown soon reveal that she ended her engagement to her final rose recipient already? Could there be a chance that she’ll revive a romance with her runner-up? Everybody will be quite anxious to see what else Hannah shares over the coming weeks, and it sounds as if there is an explosive finale ahead.