Tori Spelling Takes Star Magazine To Task In Open Letter

Tori Spelling tells Star Magazine to leave her kids alone

Tori Spelling published an open letter to Star Magazine on chastising them for a cover story claiming Tori and her husband Dean McDermott are divorcing.

Spelling has been a public figure for 24-years after being cast to play Donna Martin on 90210 by her father when she was 16-years-old. She’s used to having hurtful things written about her personal life. She says she’s developed a thick skin, but in bringing her children into a story, Star Magazine went too far:

“My son Liam is turning 6 in a couple weeks. His proudest achievement so far in his young life is that he is learning to read. Until now, when that pride turned to sorrow thanks to Star magazine. He first spotted me on the cover, then Dad, and then a picture of himself and his 3 younger siblings. He was able to read two things out loud, the word DIVORCE (which he proudly sounded out) and the caption above his picture which read ‘Who will get the kids?’ He became terrified. I had to hurry him and his confused 4-year-old sister Stella out of the grocery store and into our car. By the time he was fastening himself into his car seat he was asking, ‘Why is someone getting us?? Where are you and Dad going?’ He was anxiously biting his lower lip and his big blue eyes were filled with tears. My heart sank. How would I explain to my children that what these 3 writers who have never even met us but who claim to know the ins and outs of our relationship and have proudly put their names on this article are flat out writing lies?”

Tori and Dean met in 2005 when shooting the Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder. They were married May 7, 2006. As she drove her children home, Tori says she had to repeatedly reassure her kids that she and Dean are very happy, in love and not getting a divorce.

Read the full Open Letter to Star Magazine on Tori’s blog.