Paris Hilton and Christina Hang with Royals! Prince Harry & William Are Tainted

Why, why, why? Apparently hanging out with the refined likes of Kate Middleton isn’t good enough, because Prince Harry and Prince William were spotted entertaining “two showgirls”: two highly platinum Americans known as Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton!

At first I was sure that Christina and Aguilera latched onto the royals at London’s Whiskey Mint, but The Mirror reports that William actually sought her out (where she was seen with hubby Jordan Bratman) and end up “[sitting] very close, swapping numbers and flirting outrageously.”

The agony! At least Prince Harry avoided Paris Hilton when she arrived later in the night, with only William being stupid enough to get her number (and give her his!).

I’d say Paris’s time in London has been well-spent, and XTina’s too. Jordan Bratman’s. . . not so much.