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Jed Wyatt’s Ex Girlfriend Reveals More About The Relationship They Had Before He Went On ‘The Bachelorette’

Helen Storms - Author

Jun. 30 2019, Updated 4:08 p.m. ET

The current Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, is not yet finished with her journey to find love. She’s been through quite a roller coaster of emotions so far this season, dealing with quite a bit of drama and a lot of fighting between the men. There was even some drama to come out after the show was finished filming that we’ve not yet seen Brown find out about. The biggest bombshell to be dropped so far was surrounding the current frontrunner, Jed Wyatt, according to Life & Style.

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Jed Wyatt is a country music singer who straight up admitted to Brown that his original motivation for going on the show was to gain public recognition which would hopefully boost his music career. However, he insisted that over the course of the show’s developed, he had begun to experience real feelings for Brown and was starting to fall for her. There’s no denying the fact that Brown has strong feelings for Wyatt, at their chemistry is very obvious. But at this point in the show, there was something Brown didn’t know about the singer — he had a girlfriend waiting back home.

At the beginning of this season, after filming had concluded, a woman named Haley Stevens came out of the woodwork. She claimed that she and Wyatt were in a serious relationship all the way up to the point that he left for the show. While she didn’t want him to leave at all, he assured her that he was only going to get exposure and had no intention of actually falling in love for Brown.


A tear-stricken Stevens shared her heartbreak online in a candid video. She claimed that she really believed that she and Wyatt would still be together after the show. All of that changed when she watched him profess his love for another woman on national television.

Stevens and Wyatt are no longer together but we have yet to see whether or not things work out between him and Brown.

In a recent interview, Stevens sympathized with Brown, acknowledging that finding out that Wyatt wasn’t the man she thought he was must have been painful.

“I’m sure Hannah is heartbroken after seeing this. I don’t know if she knew, if she didn’t, if she was blindsided, I can’t even begin to know,” she said.

As far as whether or not Wyatt is being truthful as far as his feelings for Brown, Stevens hopes so.

“I hope it is real,” she said.


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