GoFundMe Campaign For Photojournalist Andy Ngo Tops $100K After Bloody Attack From Antifa Protesters

Moriah RatnerGetty Images

A fundraising campaign for photojournalist Andy Ngo has brought in more than $100,000 in a matter of hours after he suffered a bloody attack at the hands of antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon.

Ngo is a photojournalist and editor at the website Quillette and has been chronicling activity of the violent protest group, which often shows up at far-right rallies to clash with those activists. Ngo attended this weekend’s protest in Portland, where he captured video footage of marchers who took to the streets to counter the far-right Proud Boys in their own demonstration.

Video from the event showed Ngo coming under attack from a number of the masked activists, who punched him in the face and threw milkshakes at him. Police in Portland later said they received reports that some of the activists had filled milkshakes with quick-drying cement. Photos from after the incident showed Ngo with his face covered in milkshake with cuts and bruises on his face.

Coverage on Twitter from The Oregonian‘s Jim Ryan (via Twitter) captured the attack on Andy Ngo, noting that he was “roughed up” during the skirmish. The video did not show what started the attack or Ngo as being the aggressor, as he walked away quickly from the attacks. Some other members of the crowd tried to protect him. Ngo later reported that some of his photography equipment was stolen.

In the early morning hours on Sunday, Ngo’s lawyer took to Twitter to update that he had been admitted to the hospital as a result of a brain bleed. His exact condition was not immediately clear.

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin started a GoFundMe campaign to support Andy Ngo in the wake of the attack, and it has attracted nationwide interest. The fundraiser topped $100,000 by Sunday afternoon and continued to jump by several thousand dollars every hour.

The campaign said that the money would help Ngo replace the equipment that was stolen or destroyed.

“Please help raise money for his security and medical needs, and to help him replace his stolen equipment. Every cent goes directly to Andy,” a note pinned to the top of the campaign read.

The note also said that Malkin intended to get into contact with law enforcement officials to see how they could protect Andy Ngo in the future. Many other journalists have spoken out in support of Ngo, decrying the attack. Authorities in Portland have not said if there are any suspects identified in the attack.