‘Teen Mom OG’ Fans Have Some Very Strong Feelings About Amber Portwood’s Pregnancy Tease

Amber Portwood poses at an awards show.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Amber Portwood may or may not be pregnant, but one thing is certain — Teen Mom OG fans have some very strong feelings about the idea of her adding another baby to the family.

In a preview for Monday’s episode of the reality show, Amber told a group of family members that she may be pregnant again, drawing some opposition from her mom and an eyeroll from her ex-boyfriend. As OK! Magazine noted, the show left it to viewers to watch the upcoming episode to find out.

But many fans are not waiting to share their opinions about the controversial reality television star having another baby. As Pop Culture noted, a number of Teen Mom OG fans have taken to social media to trash Amber for even thinking of adding another child to her already troubled family.

Portwood has endured a rocky road since she was first introduced to viewers on the MTV show 16 and Pregnant, including some run-ins with the law and some time spent behind bars.

Amber has been working to get her life back on track and to be a more stable mom for her children, and the idea of adding another one to the mix was a bit too much for some fans. As the report noted, many trashed the reality star and the show itself for feeding into the idea.

“This show is [too] much. Give a baby up. Dad has custody of another one. And here we go again having another baby,” one person wrote on Facebook. “This show is really the [opposite] of what they we’re trying for. When are they going to stop making it seem ok to have babies when [they’re] not in the right state of mind. They can’t keep a relationship with one man. Stop while your ahead…. Please…Children are not accessories.”

Amber Portwood herself had seemed to close the door on the idea of having more children. As People magazine reported in 2017, Amber revealed her bipolar diagnosis and said she would need to be on medication for the rest of her life — medication that doctors said would prevent Portwood from being able to get pregnant again.

While there is no word yet on whether Amber is actually pregnant, the show isn’t giving much away ahead of Monday’s episode.


But as others trashed Amber Portwood, some fans noted that the reality show was actually filmed months ago, so if Amber really were pregnant, it’s likely it would have been public by now.