'Animal Rapist' Andy Loyola Accused Of Having Sex With Cow, And That's Not The Weird Part

Accused "serial animal rapist" Andy Loyola is being charged with suspicion of having sex with a cow.

According to the Daily Mail, Loyola, 46, who hails from the Philippines was caught by farmer Rustico Sarno having sex with one of the farmer's prize bovines.

Police in the Philippines say that the suspect is believed to have been under the influence of illegal drugs at the time of the alleged incident.

This isn't the first time that Sarno has accused Andy Loyola of such crimes. The farmer has also accused the suspect of raping other cattle, as well as horses and a water buffalo.

Police arrested Loyola last week and claim to have found various unspecified drug paraphernalia on him at the time. He is under suspicion of having violated the country's Animal Welfare Act, according to Abs-cbnnews.

Now, if you were able to make it through this disturbing story to this point, great -- but here's the really weird part.

According to the Mail, Sarno said his cow that had sex with Loyola is now pregnant in spite of never having mated with a bull.

This Weekly World News-type accusation made this story seem a little fishy. The Daily Mail, a notorious tabloid site, based their main version on the Abs-cbnnews story.

Abs-cbnnews is actually a somewhat well-respected media site out of the Philippines. The Mail links to them, but it's an outdated link with instructions that take you to the news site's new home page.

Running a search for the Andy Loyola story there reveals the details as reported above, but it does not mention the pregnancy accusation.

The Daily Mail directly attributes this gem to the farmer, but it's entirely possible they made it up. Or, it could have been part of the outdated link and since removed.

If it is true, then this story just got a lot weirder than "man has sex with cow."

Unfortunately, what isn't unusual is the fact that people do have sex with animals, and it happens more often than you think.

Take this previous bestiality story from the Inquisitr in which a man and his two wives in Las Vegas were arrested and charged with child sex crimes and raping the family dog.

Do you think these types of people and individuals like Andy Loyola are victims of mental illness or criminals who need to be locked up and forgotten? Sound off in the comments section.