Protests Halt Removal Of Berlin Wall For Condos

Protesters Halt Removal Of Berlin Wall For Condos

Protesters have halted the removal of the Berlin Wall. Construction crews began removing sections of the historical landmark this morning to make room for luxury condos.

Hundreds of protesters showed up in Berlin this morning in an effort to stop the removal of a 22-yard section of the Berlin Wall. The section is part of the longest remaining portion of the infamous wall, called the “East Side Gallery.” The East Side Gallery has become a historic open-air gallery for artists.

As reported by the Associated Press, the gallery has been designated as a historical monument. The walls, which were recently restored, are covered with colorful murals painted by numerous local artists.

The historical monument designation did not stop the planned construction of a luxury condo project. It took nearly 300 protesters to halt the removal of the Berlin Wall. Construction was forced to stop when protesters got “too close.” Protesters showed up with a temporary replacement for the small three foot piece that construction workers were able to remove.

As reported by the Belfast Telegraph, the remaining portion of the wall was located on the “eastern side” of the wall that served as a physical barrier between East Germany and West Germany. The liberalization of the Eastern Bloc in 1989 led to the destruction of the majority of the Berlin Wall.

As the longest remaining portion, the East Side Gallery has served as a historical monument and a popular tourist attraction. Protesters have stated that the destruction, of even a small portion, is “unbearable to see.”


Authorities have planned to relocate the removed portions. For now, the protests have halted the removal of the Berlin Wall, at least temporarily, as construction crews cannot get through to complete the work. Berlin district chairman Franz Schultz has stated that the removal will make room for a road used to access the luxury condos.

[Image via deviantART]