‘Big Brother’ Alum Fires Back At Season 21 ‘Beefcake’ Jack Matthews After He Said This About Her

Monty BrintonCBS

Big Brother houseguest Jack Matthews got caught on camera talking smack about last season’s Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and now she has some words for the “beefcake” BB21 contestant. The Big Brother Season 20 star fired back after a fan shared a video of Matthews making fun of her while talking about this season’s batch of houseguests in the CBS summertime house, according to PopCulture.com.

In the video — which can be seen below and is NSFW due to cursing — Matthews and fellow BB21 star Christie Murphy were discussing how “lucky” they got with their group of housemates this season on the CBS reality show. Matthews, who has been hilariously nicknamed “Jason Mimosa” due to his resemblance to Aquaman star Jason Momoa, then name-checked Lantry, who was one of the most memorable houseguests on the show last season.

“Yeah, we didn’t get one weird one that’s like super weird, like a Rockstar. I’d lose my mind if we had a Rockstar.”

Murphy chimed in to say that while she thought the mom of three was “cool and different,” she admitted that she didn’t know if she could “live with someone like a Rockstar.”

Lantry fired back to give Matthews a piece of her mind. Not only did the outspoken reality star label the Jason-Momoa-lookalike “Beefcake,” but she informed him that he’d be “lucky” to meet someone like her.

Of course, Matthews won’t see Rockstar’s tweet until he is out of the Big Brother house, which could be as late as mid-September if he stays in the game long enough.

Rockstar’s Twitter update spawned a slew of comments from fans who called her the “queen” of Big Brother 20 and declared that Matthews is now “canceled.” Others asked the reality star to please call Matthews “Beefcake” when he’s back on Twitter later this summer.

“I would have LOVED to be in the same house as you!” another fan tweeted to Rockstar. “Jack is moving his way down to the very bottom of the houseguest ranking for me.”

In addition to dissing Lantry, Matthews compared eliminated houseguest David Alexander to last season’s Swaggy C Williams, while Murphy noted that Alexander had a “kind of bad energy.”

Williams has not appeared to have responded to Matthews’ comparison of him and Alexander.

While she’s clearly had enough of “Beefcake,” Lantry seemed touched to see a birthday cake for the son of another Big Brother 21 contestant. Fans of the franchise may recall that Rockstar had a bad experience last year in the Big Brother house while arguing with Brett Robinson on her daughter’s birthday. This season, the Big Brother houseguests gathered together to embrace contestant Cliff Hogg and sing a birthday song to his son, David, as he missed celebrating with him on his special day.

Rockstar noted that different casts of the show act “differently.” She is not kidding.

The next episode of Big Brother 21 airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.