Chris Christie Tells Democrats The Key To Beating Trump In The Debates On ‘The Late Show’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie possibly gave Democrats the key to beating President Donald Trump in a debate, Yahoo News reports. The key is to let him dig his own grave by “baiting” him.

Christie appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, and not surprisingly, the subject of Donald Trump came up. Christie, who had opposed Trump in the 2016 primary season and then went on to work on Trump’s campaign, spilled the tea during a back-and-forth session about Wednesday and Thursday’s Democratic debates. When the subject of debating with Trump came up, Christie pointed out how his debate opponents could get the upper hand.

Using baseball references, Christie said that Trump “swings at every pitch.”

“He can’t let anything go by. He swings at the ball in the third, he swings at the ball over his head. Last time, he was kind of Teflon on that, no matter what he said, it didn’t matter.”

To make sense of all of Christie’s references, here’s what he appeared to be saying. Trump will answer any question or respond to any rebuttal that is offered to him, regardless of how ridiculous or out of his comfort zone it is. And by his “Teflon” reference, Christie appears to be suggesting that Trump’s purportedly bad performance in the 2016 debates didn’t matter to voters.

Whether or not Christie intended to provide Democratic presidential candidates, or indeed other Republican 2020 hopefuls — as of this writing, there is only one: former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld — a tool they can use to beat Trump is, of course, known only to him. However, it has been clear since the 2016 campaign season that the two men don’t exactly see eye-to-eye.

As The Atlantic reported earlier this week, Christie is clear that he is going to vote for Trump in 2020. He also says that he generally supports Trump, but not what he says or does.

Specifically, he has accused Trump of having a bad temperament and a sense of entitlement, saying these character flaws are evident in his tweets. Christie also says Trump has surrounded himself with “awful people.” Similarly, as CNBC reported in March, Christie said the Trump administration has offered him at least seven jobs, all of which he has turned down.

However, he is sticking with Trump for reasons that remain unclear. Or at least, his intention, as recently as June 25, was to stick with Trump.

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