Missing Utah Student Mackenzie Lueck’s Friends Believe She Is Still Alive

ValynPi14 Pixabay

Mackenzie Lueck is a 23-year-old University of Utah nursing student who remains missing since disappearing on June 17. Lueck, originally from California, had been visiting her home state before heading back to Utah. She arrived at the airport without issue and then called for a Lyft to pick her up. She then requested to be dropped off at a nearby park at around 3:00 a.m. and met with an unidentified person in a vehicle. Despite the fact that there are very few clues about where Lueck could be, her friends believe she is still alive, according to CBS News.

Typically in missing person cases such as this one, the longer someone is missing, the less likely law enforcement officials are able to locate them alive. Thus, police are treating this case with high importance. They’ve also identified a person of interest, whose name has not yet been revealed. A person of interest is an individual who is not yet a suspect, but could offer valuable information to the case and might eventually become a suspect. The person in question is a male Utah homeowner, someone who was brought in for questioning and then later released. From the man’s house, the police did take bags of assorted items that could have a relation to the case. according to Fox News.

“The owner of the residence where we served the warrant last night is a person of interest,” said Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown at a press conference Thursday.

Assistant Police Chief Tim Doubt assured the community on Thursday that law enforcement continues to prioritize finding Lueck and bringing her home.

“Obviously, we are treating this with a high degree of care and caution as it is an open case. Given the nature of this case, we just don’t want to make any mistakes. We will continue to follow leads until this is resolved.”

In addition, Lueck’s friends are still holding onto hope and doing everything they can to help in the search efforts. Ashley Fine, one of her close friends, started a Facebook page that she hopes will work to raise awareness regarding her friend’s disappearance and help bring Lueck home safe.

“Everyone around the country is looking for you. We’re advocating for you, we’re fighting for you, and we’re going to bring you home safely,” she said, speaking directly to Lueck.

Fine encouraged anyone who has any information whatsoever about the case to speak directly with the authorities, as Lueck’s life could depend upon it. Already, many comments have flooded the page, with hundreds of people asking questions and offering suggestions.