WWE Rumors: Largest Amount Of NXT Call-Ups And Roster Cuts To Happen This Fall

The rosters of almost every WWE brand are going to get facelifts later this year.

The logo of WWE's yellow brand NXT.

The rosters of almost every WWE brand are going to get facelifts later this year.

Throughout the course of this year, there have been a number of call-ups from NXT to WWE’s main roster. Some happened early on, and there were others that came about during the Superstar Shake-Up in mid-April. A lot of things have changed in WWE over the course of the last six months, and a lot more change is on the way as rumors state the largest amount of NXT call-ups and roster cuts will take place later this year.

When Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black, Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, and Ricochet were called up to the main roster, it left gaping holes in NXT. Still, there were others who stepped up and took the initiative to become the next big star.

In April, tag teams such as Heavy Machinery and the Viking/War Raiders were called up to the main roster, which hurt NXT’s tag division. Again, though, other teams stepped up big time and have put themselves in the spotlight to make it seem like nothing was missing.

NXT is filled with tons of great talent (young and old), and there is always someone else to jump in and become a superstar. That may end up being quite a bit more difficult this fall if the massive “exodus” of NXT call-ups takes place as rumors say it will.

According to a tweet by Brad Shepard of the Oh, You Didn’t Know Wrestling Show, the exodus from NXT is going to affect both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. One thing to take note of is that not all who end up leaving NXT will be going to the main roster.

Brad Shepard tweeted that some of those on the “chopping block” in NXT will be let go if they haven’t improved. It appears as if WWE is not going to hold back on keeping “non-essential talent” under contract any longer.

As of this time, no names have been thrown around, but there are many superstars who have been in NXT for a long time. It would not be surprising to see Velveteen Dream and even the entire Undisputed Era moving up to WWE’s main roster once the call-ups begin.

The Undisputed Era stands united and strong in NXT.

This is all speculation at this point, but anything could happen and might by the time fall rolls around. As reported by The Inquisitr, Eric Bischoff (SmackDown Live) and Paul Heyman (Monday Night Raw) are now in charge of WWE’s flagship shows, and they may end up wanting some new talent. There really would be no better place to go looking for it than NXT.