QAnon Believers See Clues In Adam Sandler’s ‘Murder Mystery’

Qanon fans at a Trump rally
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

The fringe conspiracy theory known as QAnon posits that an anonymous message board poster is slowly parceling out clues about President Donald Trump’s plot to make mass arrests against the “Deep State” and his other enemies.

QAnon is an offshoot of Pizzagate, the earlier theory that alleged that emails from Clinton staffers in 2016 spelled out a secret code about a child molestation ring, which also stretched into Hollywood and elsewhere. One version of the theory holds that John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his own death in 1999 and has, in fact, re-emerged as the anonymous poster known as Q, and prior to the release of the Mueller report, the theory contended that the special counsel’s investigation was actually a probe into the “Deep State”‘s supposed crimes.

Now, it appears some QAnon believers are spotting additional clues in an unlikely place — a new movie starring two established Hollywood stars.

Per reporter Will Sommer on Twitter, fans of QAnon have noticed that the letter “Q” seems to appear regularly throughout Murder Mystery, a relatively new Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

“This frothy flick, in which Sandler and Aniston play a husband and wife implicated in the murder of a billionaire, has become a rallying cry for QAnon fans convinced it’s filled with secret QAnon clues,” Sommer wrote in his Right Richter newsletter, via The Daily Beast. “They’re particularly interested in the appearance of the letter ‘Q’ throughout the movie, mostly on pillows and robes.”

However, the “Q” appearances, it turns out, have a more innocent explanation that has nothing to do with secret QAnon allegiance by Netflix or any of the actors. In fact, the movie includes a fictional billionaire character named Malcolm Quince, and the “Q” monogram on the pillows and robes are references to his name.

While Sandler, per Laughspin, has hinted in the past that his politics lean conservative, he has not ever associated himself with any fringe conspiracy theories.

The QAnon theory, which emerged early on in the Trump administration, has made appearances on t-shirts and signs at Donald Trump’s rallies, and there was an exceptionally large QAnon contingent at Trump’s rally in Michigan last March.

The president, per The Inquisitr, has, on a few occasions, retweeted prominent people associated with the movement. Roseanne Barr is an open QAnon believer, and Minecraft creator Markus Persson, aka Notch, is reportedly a QAnon backer as well, per The Inquisitr.

However, per Sommer’s story, the poster behind the QAnon account has been silent since early June.