MLB Player Out With Tattoo Injury

elvis andrus

MLB player Elvis Andrus was scratched from the lineup this afternoon due to a tattoo injury.

Yep, a tattoo injury.

Andrus, a shortstop for the Texas Rangers, spent nine hours in the tattoo chair this week to get some ink of his late father on his shoulder. The tattoo, which features his late father’s face as well as a baseball and a baseball bat, gave Andrus some soreness in his shoulder and he wasn’t able to play.

This may have been a big deal during the regular season but the Rangers weren’t too upset that their shortstop had to sit out for today’s exhibition game.

Manager Ron Washington told Sports Illustrated:

“Elvis has been working hard, and having another off day isn’t going to hurt him. He’ll be ready tomorrow.”


Andrus, of course, isn’t the only MLB player to suffer a bizarre injury. Bleacher Reports notes that Sammy Sosa once injured his back while sneezing, Glenallen Hill injured himself after having a nightmare about spiders and Joel Zumaya suffered a Guitar Hero injury.

Andrus, of course, may be the first MLB player to suffer a tattoo injury.