The Bible Miniseries Premieres This Weekend [Video]

The Bible is now a miniseries.

Mark Burnett, the producer behind Sarah Palin’s Alaska, The Apprentice, and Survivor, is teaming up with his wife Roma Downey, who is best known for playing Monica in Touched By An Angel, to bring The Bible to life in a new miniseries for the History Channel.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the 10-part miniseries will premiere this Sunday, March 3, at 8 pm EST on the History channel

The $22 million miniseries will feature familiar stories from the Bible but Burnett and Downey are hoping to bring Jesus and his apostles into the 21st generation with expensive special effects.

Downey, who plays the mother Mary, said:

“We wanted to create something that was visually fresh and exciting and compelling, that your grandmother would enjoy but that your kids would enjoy … We wanted it to be the Bible for this generation, that it didn’t have that donkeys-and-sandals feel of Bible movies from our own childhood.”

Burnett and Downey said that they were confident that Bible lovers would tune into the new miniseries. The real hope, however, is to bring the story of Jesus to people who may not be regular church goers.

Downey told Fox News:

“The faithful will find it, but there’s an opportunity here for this to be exposed to people who maybe necessarily wouldn’t read the Bible, maybe haven’t been to church, and will turn the TV on and realize how amazing this story is.”

Here’s a trailer for the new bible miniseries.

What do you think of the Bible miniseries?