‘General Hospital’ May Have Dropped Hints On New Veronica Cartwright Role Involving Ava

There is a new character soon coming on board to ABC’s General Hospital. It was reported earlier in the month that Veronica Cartwright has a top-secret role on the soap. Nothing more has been said on how she will fit into any of the current story lines or if there will be a new one that comes along involving her. However, there may have been a slight hint on Monday’s episode.

Ava Jerome is getting ready to grace the cover of Crimson magazine, but she was distracted by a reminder on her phone as she and Maxie were picking out her wardrobe. It was a confirmation notice from a French restaurant; the confirmation had been set up a year ago with her and Kiki. Of course, a lot has happened since then. Kiki was killed by Ryan Chamberlain, and now Ava is carrying around her guilt. She has a lot to say to her daughter but never got the chance. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Ava has her guard up.

There are no other details surrounding that spoiler, but it’s certainly no surprise that she has her guard up since the Ryan fiasco that rocked her world. Ava had lost all hope that she would be able to tell her daughter how much she loves her and how sorry she is about what happened to her. However, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope on Monday when she eavesdropped on Joss and Maxie’s conversation.

Joss just recently tried to hold a seance to get hold of Oscar. She told Maxie that she thought that Oscar was there in some way, and it made her feel better. Ava wants that same feeling, and now she may do something about it. She accepted the confirmation at the restaurant, so it looks like she has a plan in mind. Is she hoping that Kiki will be there in spirit? Or will she be holding a seance herself?

This may just be where Veronica Cartwright comes in. It was first reported by EW that the Alien actress would be joining the cast for only five episodes and that she would be onscreen in early July. How does this involve Ava Jerome? There is a photo that reveals Ava with this new character, so it appears that is a strong hint that this story line involves her.

This new secret character could be someone that Ava randomly meets in the French restaurant. The scene from Monday could also lead to Cartwright portraying a medium that Ava contacts in regard to bringing Kiki from the dead. The timing is certainly right for the actress to appear next week.

Keep watching General Hospital to see if Veronica Cartwright ends up being involved with Ava trying to reach Kiki in some way.

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