Fox News Reporter Says He Left Because The Network Has Become Full Of ‘Partisan Misinformation’

Kevin HagenGetty Images

Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron revealed that he left the network because he felt the news was being presented as “partisan misinformation.”

Cameron ditched Fox News, according to The Washington Post, after over two decades with the conservative network, but he says that he couldn’t stick around any longer because he wanted to focus on “facts, not partisanship.”

The reporter says that he is teaming up with Front Page Live in order to bring news without the political spin.

“[O]ver the years, the right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation. I left,” he said.

Cameron left the network in 2017 after 22 years with Fox News, but he says that while he was at the network, he kept his personal beliefs to himself. Even still, many people would assume to know his political leanings because he worked for Fox News, which is known for its conservative bent. He recounted a time where he was at a Trump rally and people in the audience got upset because he was associating with Katy Tur of NBC News and Jim Acosta of CNN.

Despite the bipartisanship, Cameron says that he has a lot of respect for the people who are trying to create journalism at the network.

Cameron is now Front Page Live‘s chief political correspondent, and he hopes to be able to “inform – that’s it.” To create the new site, he teamed up with the founding editor of ClimateProgress, Joseph Romm. The new website hopes to be a “powerful resource for anyone who wants real facts over partisan propaganda.” Cameron says that he has “unique insight and understanding of how the right operates and literally 30 years of covering Donald Trump.”

“We are trying to be a place that will save people time because it’s simply way too hard for anyone to sip quality water from the open fire hydrant that is online news and social media — especially because there is so much sewage thrown in,” Cameron added.

He says that he hopes to help people on the left create some of the same passion that conservative sites have. For instance, he says that conservative donors have funded news sites in order to get around laws regarding campaign spending, but there is no such infrastructure on the left.

In August of 2017, Cameron said that he wanted to find a better way than “screeching at each other” to reach out to Americans with stories about politics, according to the Hollywood Reporter.