WWE News: Kane Comments On Fans Ripping Match Between The Undertaker And Goldberg


Earlier this month, The Undertaker and Goldberg had their first-ever match against one another when they faced off at WWE Super ShowDown. It was a match that was decades in the making, but it ended up being a bit of a mess due to a number of issues that were no one’s fault. As fans continue to rip on the match and put it down, WWE superstar Kane believes that they need to look at the whole picture before judging.

The match between the two wrestling legends started out rather well, but the final few minutes were quite hard to watch. Goldberg ended up “knocking himself out” and suffering a concussion which ended up causing all kinds of issues.

Numerous moves such as his signature Jackhammer and The Undertaker’s Tombstone piledriver didn’t come off well, and it made for a pretty poor ending. Taker ended up winning the match, but the outcome has led to many wondering about the futures of both superstars as reported by The Inquisitr.

While fans and many wrestling websites have come down hard on the match, a number of wrestlers and superstars have come to its defense. Problems happen and they can’t be helped, but both The Undertaker and Goldberg were as professional as possible in finishing the match.

The Undertaker and Goldberg face off for the first-time ever anywhere.
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Glenn Jacobs, better known to wrestling fans as Kane, spoke recently with Busted Open Radio on a number of topics. One of those topics was the match between The Undertaker and Goldberg which was iconic and problem-filled all at the same time.

Due to all the criticism being thrown around about the match, Kane wanted to make his feelings known about it. As transcribed by Sportskeeda, Kane wanted everyone to know just what happened and that they need to look at the big picture before throwing daggers.

“Bill [Goldberg] knocked himself out at some point during the match. You could see he was struggling to make it through the rest of the match. You kind of have to take that into account. They went out there and did the best they could under those circumstances, and that’s what Undertaker always does, of course.”

“I think if you were to ask Bill and ‘Taker if they’d like to do it over again, ‘yeah’ but it is what it is. Instead of being critical about it, I never thought I’d see that match happen but I did.”

While it’s true that Goldberg could have had the match stopped after his injury, he has since said that he didn’t want to do that. Being the true professional that he is, Goldberg didn’t want to take anything away from the fans and have the match come to an end too soon.

Given their ages and the problems that happened mid-match, Goldberg and The Undertaker worked with what they had in front of them. Being a veteran of nearly three decades, Kane realizes that and wants the world to see it from the same view.