Demi Lovato Poses Twice And Noah Cyrus Just Screams

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Demi Lovato had a decision to make that she deemed so crucial she posted the problem on Instagram. In fact, her problem came in two accompanying pictures. So what had the singer saying, “I couldn’t decide which one… so here’s both”?

After looking from picture to picture and back again, the answer came in the form of her hair part. One shot showed her shiny, shoulder-length black hair in a left part while the other in a right part.

The most enthusiastic response of the more than 17,000 likes came from her pal, Noah Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus’ sister, an actress and singer in her own right, wrote, “i just SCREAMED,” followed by three heart-face emojis. That answer seemed to spark happiness as Cyrus’s words were commented on by more than 1,900 followers.

“Ha Ha Ha. Me too,” one person told Noah. Another said, “ikr,” followed by more heart-face emojis and some red hearts too.

Others spoke directly to Demi, telling her she is “georg” and that she has “beautiful lashes.”

Indeed, the two very similar images did show off lovely, long eyelashes. In fact, her entire face had been plastered with impeccable makeup, especially emphasizing her big brown eyes. She rocked a hint of smoky eye shadow and her brows were curved just right; smudged eyeliner created the ideal effect.

Lovato wore silver hoop earrings in the two close-up shots. The star had selected a simple black jacket with nothing underneath, although her assets were not on show. In short, Demi looked classy.

Demi’s Instagram post on Friday looked a lot different, although she once again featured a head shot. In the photo, her hair was pulled back and her wore a pair of headphones. She was looking away from a large recording mic as she gave her best impression of a Mona Lisa smile. Her lips were painted a shade of orange-red.

This time, her brows were not so curvy and her eye makeup was not so prominent.

“Making magic,” she captioned the post.

“Ready for that magic,” Christina Aguilera commented, as another told Demi, “Can’t wait, pretty.”

“That’s what she said,” another rather flippant fan remarked.

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Making magic ✨????

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Thankfully, Demi seems to be having a better year than she did in 2019. A post in The Inquisitr from earlier this year reminds readers of a more trying time.

“Last year on July 24, Demi was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after emergency services were called to her home due to an opioid overdose,” the story explained.

But now Demi Lovato is back and looking as healthy as can be. That’s a good thing in general, but also because the world is waiting for her to make new music. After all, this popular recording artist is nothing short of amazing.