Hannah Brown Talks About Bachelor Nation’s Reaction To Her Becoming The ‘Bachelorette’

Hannah Brown had a few notable moments throughout her time on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. However, she wasn’t necessarily a fan favorite or someone that particularly stood out among the cast. This isn’t too say that she wasn’t well liked. Rather, she just wasn’t talked about as often as some of the other women. Thus, when it was announced that she would be the new bachelorette, there were a lot of shocked and disappointed fans, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

There were several other women who’s names were thrown around as possibilities for the coveted role. Hannah Godwin, who made it to the top three of Underwood’s season, was definitely a fan favorite and seemed like a suitable choice. Caelynn Miller Keyes also had acquired a pretty substantial fan base after she opened up to Underwood about her sexual assault on television. Many fans expected Miller Keyes, who also happened to be Brown’s rival from her pageant days, to be given the role. Nevertheless, producers saw something in Brown and didn’t back away from their decision.

Looking back now, Brown believes that a lot of the negative reaction around the announcement of her as the bachelorette had to do with an awkward moment from Underwood’s season.

“I think the one thing that really did bother me was that I couldn’t articulate myself, and that people thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle this position, and I think I will prove everybody wrong, because one toast cannot defy who I am. From my very first day in the mansion, I am someone who can speak my mind and speak it clearly when needs [sic] be, when I feel comfortable.”

Now that Brown is about halfway through her season, it seems that fans have warmed up to her a little bit. She’s impressed much of Bachelor nation with confidence and ability to be herself, even during a situation surrounded by so much pressure. She’s had to deal with a lot of drama these past few episodes, even starting out night one by finding out that one of her suitors had a girlfriend back home.

Following that cringeworthy incident, Brown then had to deal with the controversial figure Luke Parker, who remains on the show even now. Parker is not popular within the house and has been the source of much of this season’s drama. However, Brown has gracefully defended her decision and carried on while holding on to hope that her husband still might be within her remaining men.

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