‘Civil War’ Is Coming To The Democratic Party, Says ‘USA Today’ Writer, A Good Omen For Trump

Gage SkidmoreWikimedia Commons

There’s a “civil war” coming for the Democratic Party, says USA Today writer Saritha Prabhu, and the infighting within the party bodes well for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

Writing in Nashville’s Tennessean, Prabhu says that the party is locked in an ideological battle within itself — a divide that became apparent during the 2016 primary cycle. That’s when Bernie Sanders, who is an avowed Democratic Socialist, as he calls himself, gave Hillary Clinton, an establishment candidate with more moderate views, a “run for her money,” as Prabhu describes it.

That ideological gulf is most apparent between the party’s supporters and its donors. The party tries valiantly to present itself, as Prabhu claims, as a party for “the little guy” — that is, marginalized voters who are poor, jobless and/or less-educated. Their donors, however, are largely wealthy, Ivy League-educated elites — the very “One Percent” that Bernie Sanders himself rails against. Meanwhile, the poor and less-educated voters the party so desperately tries to represent largely helped Donald Trump win in 2016. Many of those voters still stand behind Trump.

In fact, says Prabhu, the party itself is largely responsible for the plight of many jobless Americans, due to having supported policies that have led to American jobs going overseas, for example. Or supporting more open immigration policies, which some believe contribute to the loss of American jobs.

Meanwhile, the party continues to advocate for high-minded ideals, such as racism, abortion rights, and LGBTQ rights. Those are, of course, relevant issues, but they aren’t, as Nancy Pelosi calls them, “pocketbook issues,” or issues that directly affect the financial well-being of most Americans.

Prabhu says that the establishment wing of the party is trying valiantly to revive itself in Trump’s America. It’s looking to Joe Biden, an aged, vanilla candidate prone to missteps such as praising segregationist Senators or making women uncomfortable through unwanted touching. Meanwhile, the party’s leftist wing, headed by Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, wants to bring the party further to the left.

Prabhu isn’t the first political analyst to notice a division within the Democratic Party. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, last week Dutch political analyst Cas Mudde wrote that Trump is “cruising” to re-election, largely because of a Democratic party that can’t get out of its own way. Further, he notes that many poorer Americans, those same Americans who helped put Trump in the White House, may be disappointed in the Trump administration; unfortunately for Democrats hoping to retake the White House, however, he says that the current field offers little that those disappointed voters can get behind.