‘Flipping Out’s’ Jeff Lewis And His Ex Had To Be Separated After Custody Hearing Goes South

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

In the battle for their adorable daughter Monroe, Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis aren’t seeing eye to eye. The couple showed up for a custody hearing this week, only to be separated when things got too heated. Now, the stars of Flipping Out are prepping for a nasty custody battle that may end up in court.

According to Radar Online, Jeff dished on the situation while hosting his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live. He told fans that he and his ex, Edward, met with their lawyers to discuss how to split custody of Monroe.

“I thought that this meeting was going to be about custody arrangements. We’re going to talk about financial support. We’re going to handle it all and move forward,” he said.

Instead of making any progress on the topic, the two spent the entire meeting trying to resolve visitation for one upcoming week, and nothing else got addressed. It got so heated that the men’s lawyers had to separate them.

“He couldn’t keep it together. He was so angry and irrational that they had to move him into another conference room,” Lewis said.

Lewis and Edward split five months ago, and they share a daughter, who they welcomed via surrogate in October 2016.

Since then, things have been getting ugly between the two as they figure out how to separate their lives. According to People, on a previous episode of his radio show, Lewis claimed that Gage locked himself in the guest room of the home that they used to share while battling over custody last week.

“We had a disagreement. It was over email,” Lewis said. “When I came in in the morning he had locked himself in my guest room and he said that he wasn’t going to come out until I left. That made me feel very unsafe in my own home.”

After that, Lewis told Edward that he wasn’t welcome to visit Monroe in their home any longer, at which point Edward’s lawyer said that he was demanding equal custody of their daughter.

However, a source close to Edward says that Lewis is not telling the whole story. Lewis reportedly is worried that Edward is after his money, but according to the insider, the 25-year-old is only concerned about being with his daughter.

“Gage isn’t the one who is being unreasonable in this situation,” the source said, adding that it is Lewis who is using their daughter to manipulate the situation.