Bebe Rexha Body Shamed In Latex Pants Picture, 'You're Gaining A Lot Of Weight Tubby'

Bebe Rexha is being body shamed on Instagram. The Expectations singer's June 20 update showed her looking sensational – clearly, however, the platform's trolls are alive and well.

Earlier today, Bebe posted a picture of herself performing in Cannes, France. The snap showed the blonde rocking her curves in tight latex pants. Glossy blacks contrasted with gold details around Bebe's belt – the star had, however, fully color-coordinated her outfit with a simple black tee. Looking very much in her element as she performed, the 29-year-old looked beautiful and confident.

Within 30 minutes of Bebe posting the picture, a user had left a harsh comment.

"You're gaining a lot of weight tubby," they wrote.

Interestingly, Bebe chose to respond. Her rapid reply quickly racked up the likes for being brave and choosing to acknowledge her recent weight gain.

"Yes I have. Working on myself," she wrote.

Bebe's response had racked up over 500 likes within half an hour. Fans appeared to have noticed both the cruel comment and Bebe's response. They quickly took to the comments section to support the singer.

While one fan told Bebe that "every pound is beautiful," another said that she looked "amazing."

Many did, however, acknowledge that Bebe appears to have gained weight recently. Fortunately for the star, the majority of the comments didn't slam her changed shape.

Sadly, body shaming is commonplace in the celebrity world. Selena Gomez has experienced backlash – her 2017 kidney transplant came with its trolls. Kim Kardashian was body shamed on social media following one of her pregnancies.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, celebrities have been slammed for appearing too thin. Supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have both received harsh comments for their slender frames. Likewise drawing concern was Emily Ratajkowski's 2019 Met Gala appearance – while most fans appeared genuinely worried for her health, some took to the comments section of her social media with jabs.

Bebe has 8.6 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of this star should follow her account.