Jon Gosselin Pays Tribute To Longtime Girlfriend Colleen Conrad

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

We all remember the way that Jon Gosselin started out on television. He was the exhausted and overworked dad of one set of sextuplets and one set of twins. He and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin made a name for themselves through their reality television series featured on TLC called Jon and Kate Plus 8. Many viewers at the time expressed compassion for Jon, as he was clearly far less outspoken than his ex-wife. While Kate clearly ruled the former household, it seemed Jon mostly went along with her rules in an effort to keep the peace. However, all the drama came to a head in 2o09 during the pair’s highly televised split, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet.

After the pair separated and eventually filed for divorce, there was a plethora of rumors and tabloid stories regarding the true reasoning behind the split. Some claimed that Kate was too domineering and too hard on her husband, while others cited rumors of infidelity on the part of Jon. Other publications argued that the stress of two sets of multiples was simply too hard on the couple. While we may never know the true motive behind the split, both parents seemed to move on as best they could. Kate chose to remain single while raising her children and even attempted to continue their reality series, this time re-naming it as Kate Plus 8.

Meanwhile, Jon began a new serious relationship in 2014 with his current girlfriend Colleen Conrad. Jon and Colleen reportedly knew one another well in the past and reconnected after his marriage to Kate ended. Colleen appears to be a fairly average person. She makes a living as a registered nurse and has two children from a previous relationship.

Earlier this week, Jon posted a heartfelt tribute to Colleen in honor of her birthday. He thanked her not only for the role she plays in his life but in his children’s lives as well.

“Happy Birthday Colleen!!! Thank you letting me a part of your life. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my children. I Love you very much and I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, since you worked all day today!!! Love you.”

Currently, both Hannah and Collin Gosselin live with Jon and Colleen on a full-time basis. Jon has temporary full-time custody of both children. Hannah reportedly chose to live with her father over her mother. Meanwhile, Collin disappeared from the picture beginning in 2010 when he was sent away to attend a school specifically for those with special needs. Upon his release from the school, he began living with his father.