‘This Is Us’ Adds ‘Once Upon A Time’ Actress To Season 4 Cast

Mike CoppolaNBC

This Is Us will add a former star of the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time to the cast of Season 4, thrilling fans who can’t wait for them to be a “substantial presence” on the show, according to TV Line.

Jennifer Morrison, who portrayed the character of Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time, will star in what TV Line is calling a “major recurring role” on the series. Details regarding the role she will play are under wraps thus far.

E! News reported a theory as to whom Morrison would portray on the series. They penned in a story detailing her casting where she could be the critical link to the son that fans saw at the end of Season 3 — the boy who called one of the Big Three, Kevin Pearson, his dad.

In the flash-forward scene, fans were teased with a brief appearance of a young boy who Toby his dad was out to pick up food for their family as the clan gathered to visit an elderly Rebecca at Jack’s home. E! claims that Morrison could be a woman whom Kevin dates and eventually, becomes a mother to his son. Kevin broke up with his true love Zoe after she wouldn’t budge on her reluctance to have children in the future, effectively ending their union.

Season 4 will also be one of “restarts,” series creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly. He noted that new challenges will be faced by members of the Pearson family, including Rebecca, Jack, Kevin, Toby, Kate, Randall and Beth.

The upcoming season of the show is also rumored to focus on Kate and Toby as new parents. It will also include more backstory regarding the romantic relationship between Jack and Rebecca as well as more insight into how Rebecca came full circle in her relationship and eventual marriage to Miguel, Jack’s best friend.

While the cast appears to have some knowledge as to how their journey on the show will progress, they are sworn to secrecy. Still, Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, teased to TV Line that she knows a lot more about the future of many of the key storylines than she is letting on. She said there is one way to get the dirt on what is going on for her character — take the show’s creator out to dinner and introduce a bottle of wine to the conversation.

“It’s fun to go out to dinner with [series creator] Dan [Fogelman] and let him get a tiny bit tipsy, and then he wants to tell you everything,” she said. “And I let him! I tell him, ‘Here, have another glass of wine.'”

This Is Us will air its first episode of Season 4 on September 24.