Firefighter Arrested For Beating Wife With IPad

A NYC firefighter has been arrested for beating his wife with an iPad. The Uniformed Firefighters Association trustee allegedly hit his wife in the head with the electronic device after discovering a photo she had posted online.

Eric Bischoff, age 39, reportedly hit his wife with the iPad before pulling her hair, throwing her to the ground, and locking her outside of their home. Bischoff, who fled the scene, was eventually arrested at the 123rd precinct fire station. Bischoff was charged with felony and misdemeanor assault.

As reported by Staten Island Live, Bischoff appeared on court on Monday morning, facing charges of second and third-degree assault. Judge Alan J Meyer issued a protection order and released Bischoff on his own recognizance.

Bischoff plead not guilty and has denied allegations that he beat his wife with his iPad:

“It’s a personal, private matter. I have two young children and now I need to worry about their welfare. We’re in the process of finding a reconciliation and resolution. In these matters, what’s reported is not always as it happened.”

Authorities report that Bischoff was intoxicated when the incident occurred. The FDNY has indicated that they are currently reviewing the incident, but denied further comment. As reported by SFGate, union representatives have not released a statement about the allegations.

Bischoff was elected as UFA Staten Island Trustee in October 2012, and worked as a first responder during Hurricane Sandy. The New York Firefighter will return to court on April 25 to face the assault charges resulting from allegedly hitting his wife in the head with his iPad.