Roy Hibbert, David Lee Suspended One Game For Pacers-Warriors Fight [Video]

Pacers center Roy Hibbert and Warriors forward David Lee have each been hit with a one-game suspension for their involvement in a fight that occurred Tuesday night between their two teams.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Hibbert and Lee got into an intense shoving match under the basket with 6:10 remaining in the fourth quarter, inciting a fight that included multiple members from each team.

Hibbert was ejected immediately following the brawl.

Roy Hibbert later apologized for the incident, adding that the fight embarrassed his biggest fan: his mother.

He said:

“My mom was a little upset. She said I should have walked away. It’s unfortunate it happened. I watched the video and I saw there was a little kid that ran up out of his seat when all that happened. I apologize to the fans that were sitting courtside. We’re a team that loves the fans and we don’t want to scare them away.”

In addition to Lee and Hibbert’s one-game bans, Warriors Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson along with Pacers guard Lance Stephenson were all fined $35,000 for “escalating” the fight.

According to USA Today, Lee is planing to appeal his suspension, which cost him almost $116,000 and caused him to miss Wednesday’s game against the Knicks.

“I don’t think what David did warranted a suspension, but that’s something we’ll talk about privately with the league,” Lee’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, said.

As for Hibbert, the 7-foot-2, 280-pound Pacers center will serve his suspension Thursday against the Clippers. The one-game ban it will set him back a little under $125,000.

Check out the fight between Roy Hibbert and David Lee in the video below and tell us: Do you think the two players deserved a one-game suspension for their actions?