June 18, 2019
'Big Brother 21' Spoilers: Fans Detect A 'Duos' Twist Amid Evidence There's Houseguests Who Know Each Other

Big Brother fans think something familiar is going on in the CBS summertime house. Amid the long-awaited Big Brother Season 21 cast announcement, diehard fans of the show have detected a possible "duos" casting twist.

For months, spoiler sites have teased a "duos" or "showmance" theme for the 21st season of the CBS reality show. Now, it seems that part of the theory could be correct as players who live in the same state, went to the same college, and are tagged in each other's old Instagram photos are part of the BB21 cast.

According to Big Brother Network, recently announced Season 21 houseguests Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy have known each other for at least four years and were once like "family." Murphy is tagged in one of Bracco's Instagram posts from 2015, and they are reportedly also Facebook friends. The two Big Brother castmates, who are both from Staten Island, New York, reportedly know one another because Murphy used to date Bracco's aunt.

In addition, Big Brother contestants Jackson Michie and Ovi Kabir are both from Tennessee and went to the same college. During their individual cast interviews with Big Brother veteran Jeff Schroeder, contestants Isabella Wang and Jack Matthews both mentioned they have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, with Isabella even saying she did so with her ex-boyfriend.

And Big Brother contestants Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn both participated in past Miss USA pageants and are rumored to know each other. As a side note, Allen also has another reality TV connection as she dated Bachelorette fan favorite Luke Pell last year, as previously shared by The Inquisitr.

Indeed, all signs point to past connections for at least some of the Big Brother 21 houseguests, and fans are taking to Twitter to note that there must be some sort of duos twist in play.
"So has nobody realized that there's definitely pairs in this game? Two from TX, two from TN, two from NJ, three from NY. Ovi and Jackson went to the same college. Christie & Tommy know each other. This the duo twist y'all been talking about. BB21."
Big Brother previously featured a "dynamic duos" duos twist back in Season 13 featuring past players from the franchise. In addition to eight new houseguests, three sets of veteran pairs were brought into the house to compete for the $500,000 grand prize, including some past winners. Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroder, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, and Evel Dick Donato and his daughter Daniele Donato all returned to the Big Brother house, with Reilly ultimately winning that season.

There was also a "twin twist" in Season 17 as twin sisters Liz and Julia Nolan successfully faked out the other houseguests. Past seasons of Big Brother have also included an "exes" theme, where former couples competed against one another for the grand prize. In Season 5 there was a bizarre "project DNA" theme which featured twins Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll as well as estranged secret siblings, Cowboy and Nakomis, who were unaware of each other's existence before meeting on the CBS reality show.

Big Brother 21 premieres Tuesday, June 25, on CBS.