‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Luke Parker Won’t Leave After His Date With Hannah, How Much Longer Is He Around?

Robert ClarkABC

Hannah Brown has been struggling and feeling emotional about bachelor Luke Parker, and The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that this isn’t going to be over with Monday’s show. How much more of the season will involve Luke causing drama? According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Parker will be involved until shortly before Hannah’s final rose ceremony.

The last that viewers saw, Hannah was telling Luke that she wasn’t going to give him a rose during their one-on-one date. The Bachelorette spoilers detail that this is where Monday’s show will pick up as he’ll be stunned to hear this from her.

A sneak peek shared by Good Morning America shows the discussion that plays out next between Hannah and Luke. She’ll say that it doesn’t make sense to give him a rose, and she’ll note that she had to raise her voice toward him to get him to be the man she thought he was.

Luke will say he’s been frustrated too, and he’ll ask Hannah to think about all of their discussions since filming started. He’ll say that this is his fault and that he screwed up. The Bachelorette spoilers share that he’ll insist on taking full ownership of it all. However, none of this discussion sways Brown, and Parker is left without a rose.

Other previews have shown that Luke will spend some time in a church, and he’ll be desperate to figure out how to turn things around with Hannah. Some sneak peeks have even revealed that she’ll tell him he’s done, and he’ll refuse to go.

Will Hannah stand her ground and insist that Luke’s journey is over? Unfortunately, The Bachelorette spoilers detail that he’ll somehow manage to snag a rose yet again. Parker’s continued presence will cause some of the other guys to get riled up, and it seems that all of this causes the upcoming emotional meltdown Brown has.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers for the season, Luke will be around and heading out on additional dates with Hannah. In Latvia for Episode 6, Parker will join six other guys on the group date. Apparently, he’ll get a rose at the rose ceremony.

Episode 7 will feature Hannah and her guys going on dates in the Netherlands. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that once again, Luke ends up on the group date. Brown goes on three one-on-one dates during this stop in the Netherlands, and it seems likely that Luke will be upset that he doesn’t get one of them.

Luke is said to end up with Peter Weber and Garrett Powell on this group date of Hannah’s, and they’ll be weighing cheese. The Bachelorette spoilers share that Peter will get a rose first, and that leaves Luke and Garrett to face something of a sudden two-on-one with Hannah.

At some point, things will get quite testy between Garrett and Luke. The Bachelorette spoilers from the season previews have shown Parker yelling at Powell as he sits in a chair, with Luke saying that Garrett is not going to ruin this for him.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to learn more about what else happens on this date, but somehow, Luke is said to get a rose from Hannah again. That means that Parker ends up getting one of Brown’s four hometown dates.

Fans might anticipate that the hometown would be the end of the road for Luke. Hannah obviously has intense chemistry with the other three said to get hometowns, and it’s been more drama than happiness with Luke. However, Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers tease that Brown makes a nontraditional decision at this juncture.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Hannah is said to keep all four men from her hometowns and take them to Greece for overnights. It is during these dates in Greece that the intense blowup involving Hannah and one of her men seemingly happens, and all signs point toward Luke being the bachelor involved.

Reality Steve says that Luke ends up being eliminated by Hannah during dinner after the daytime portion of this date but before the overnight portion. Will he leave without causing any additional drama this time? The Bachelorette spoilers tease that this still won’t be the end of what fans see of Parker.

Apparently, Luke shows up at the rose ceremony after that to talk to Hannah again. Reality Steve detailed via Twitter that nothing changes at this point, so Brown finally cuts Parker loose for good during these dates in Greece.

It’s not known yet how the episodes will break down at this stage of the season. In all likelihood, ABC will drag this out as long as they can, but Luke should be out of the picture by the time the finale airs. Given that, it seems probable that the drama with Parker wraps up during the episode airing on July 15 or perhaps right at the beginning of the finale on July 29.

Additional scheduling details about the remainder of the season should be confirmed soon, but it is clear from the existing Bachelorette spoilers that viewers will be navigating this Luke Parker drama alongside Hannah Brown up until mid- to late-July. What causes Hannah to keep giving Luke additional chances and roses? Fans will certainly be interested to see exactly how these next few episodes play out.