‘General Hospital’ Fans React To The Rumor Of Billy Miller Exiting The ABC Soap

Although it has not been confirmed just yet, it appears that General Hospital may be losing actor Billy Miller as Drew Cain. He has been on the ABC soap for five years now and it is rumored that he will be exiting soon. Fans have taken to social media to strongly express their feelings ever since the rumor broke.

Miller has been a hot topic since the rumors began. As The Inquisitr had previously indicated, there were very reliable sources saying that the actor is reportedly leaving. Now General Hospital fans have been chattering about it and sharing their views. Most are not surprised at all by the news. They feel like the soap has not equipped the character of Drew Cain with a meaty storyline until just recently.

Drew is currently mourning the loss of his son, Oscar. He and Kim Nero just got through scattering their son’s ashes over Mt. Kilimanjaro. They are expected to return to Port Charles this week. While Billy Miller has flourished for the past few months with his character dealing with this tragic part of his life, fans feel like the four years before that were totally wasted. They feel like he has been on the back burner for far too long.

One fan wrote, “He does deserve better, he just had a great story, but hes been under used for quite awhile.”

There are some fans who want to see him back on Young and the Restless to return to his role as Billy Abbot. However, former General Hospital star Jason Thompson has currently taken over that role.

There is still much more to Drew Cain as he still hasn’t got his past memories back. There were a few spoilers that said Drew may be a key to taking Shiloh Archer down. That seems to indicate that he will get some or all of his memories back eventually.

There is talk of a recast if the rumor does hold true that Billy Miller is moving on from General Hospital. If Drew does get his memories back, would he still remember who Sam, Scout, and everyone else is from his time in Port Charles? If the rumor is true, will Drew leave town or will he get a new face?

Since there is no confirmation yet on whether Billy Miller really is leaving, fans will just have to wait to see what develops. Until then, the rumors and speculations will continue to fly around on social media.

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