Elizabeth Warren’s Surge Continues As She Jumps Ahead Of Bernie Sanders In Series Of 2020 Primary Polls

Drew AngererGetty Images

Elizabeth Warren has seen a rise in the early 2020 Democratic primary polls, jumping ahead of Bernie Sanders in three recent polls and moving in on Joe Biden’s spot as the race’s frontrunner.

The Massachusetts senator is seen as largely vying for the same swath of voters as Sanders, two of the most progressive candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination. As Salon noted, the polls showed that after trailing Sanders for several months, Warren appeared to be jumping past him with voters.

The polls in Warren’s favor include a recent Economist/YouGov poll (shared by Politico) showing Warren ahead of Sanders by a margin of 12 to 16 percent. Another UC Berkeley-Los Angeles Times poll of California (also shared by Politico) voters showed that Warren jumped ahead of Sanders by 17 to 18 percent, and was closing in on Joe Biden, who had the support of 22 percent of voters. California has jumped up the primary schedule for 2020, making the race much more important in picking the nominee. A third poll from Quinnipiac showed Warren outperforming Sanders in a head-to-head race against Trump, Salon noted.

Other polls that have come out in Warren’s favor came from early states on the 2020 schedule. A Des Moines Register and CNN poll (shared by Salon) showed that both Warren and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg were surging in Iowa, the first caucus on the schedule. Warren was just one point behind Sanders in the poll.

Another The Post and CourierChange Research poll showed that Warren was gaining ground in South Carolina, seen as one of the most important states in the early schedule. After Iowa and New Hampshire, South Carolina is seen as an important indicator of how candidates fare in the very different demographic with a largely African-American voter base. In the poll, Warren came in second at 17 percent as Biden saw his lead slip from 46 percent down to 37 percent. Buttigieg came in third as Sanders lagged behind the pack.

As Salon noted, the polls could be a sign that Warren is winning over progressive voters who, in 2016, supported Bernie Sanders.

“Thus far, Warren has been trailing Sanders in national polls as both candidates grapple for the same base of progressive voters. If this trend breaks, it will be a sign that Warren could be winning over that key demographic. Both candidates still continue to trail former Vice President Joe Biden,” the report noted.

As Elizabeth Warren surges in the polls, she has attracted increasing attention from Donald Trump as well. While the president had reserved most of his recent Twitter ire for Joe Biden, Trump has recently turned his sights back to Warren, in what is seen as a sign that he sees her as a growing threat.