Reality Steve Provides A Few Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2019

Jesse GrantGetty Images

The Bachelorette is still far from over and we’ve got quite a few more weeks before we figure out who Hannah Brown will end up with at the end, if she does in fact choose one of the suitors. There’s been some pretty surprising eliminations thus far, including one man who was abruptly sent packing on night one because it was revealed that he had a girlfriend waiting for him at home. There’s also been plenty of drama, particularly between the controversial contestant Luke Parker and the rest of the men in the house, according to Cinema Blend.

The most recent episode left off on quite a cliffhanger as there was no rose ceremony and it’s not yet clear whether Parker is staying or going. Nevertheless, while fans anxiously await next weeks episode, they can enjoy a few hints about the upcoming season of the spinoff show, Bachelor in Paradise. This reality series, which is often referred to as a summer guilty pleasure show, takes place on an actual island and is full of steamy romances, heartbreak, and drama. The cast is composed of fan-favorite contestants from previous seasons of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and everyone is given a second chance at finding love.

The official cast of Bachelor in Paradise is not expected to be released until Monday, but if you’re not patient you can still check out Reality Steve’s recent spoilers. Reality Steve is essentially a spoiler professional whose blog provides far in advance spoilers for hit television shows, such as the Bachelor franchise. More often than not, his predictions are pretty spot on.

“Ok fine. One hint about Bachelor in Paradise. Through one week of filming, it’s the Blake Horstmann Show and it’s not even close. Nor is it good. And whatever you think it is, it’s worse than that,” Reality Steve wrote on Twitter.

Blake Horstmann was the runner-up on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. Horstmann was a fan favorite and when Kufrin ended things with him, his reaction was one of the most heartbreaking that we’ve seen on the show yet. Now it sounds like he’ll be taking over as the new hot commodity in paradise.

One Twitter user asked if Horstmann will be like the new Dean of this season. Dean Unglert famously tried to balance two different women during his stint on the show, only to end up completely single.

“No, he’s not the new Dean. Dean only juggled two women,” was Reality Steve’s telling reply.