‘The Bold Type’ Showrunner Teases What’s To Come In Season 4

Bryan BedderGetty Images

Earlier this week, Freeform’s The Bold Type came to an end with a dramatic Season 3 cliffhanger, and now, showrunner Amanda Lasher is breaking down the past season and teasing what’s to come in Season 4, according to a report from TV Insider.

The Bold Type follows three best friends, writer Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens), social media director Kat Edison (Aisha Dee), and fashion assistant Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy), who all work at popular women’s magazine, Scarlet, a fictionalized version of Cosmopolitan. Melora Hardin also stars as Jacqueline Carlyle, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

During the Season 3 finale, Sutton puts on a super-inclusive fashion show to highlight the “real women” around her. The show was a huge success and the fashionista landed a new client at the end of the night. But after struggling to come up with an idea for the client, she realized Scarlet, not designing, was her true passion. Kat also had a bit of a revelation during the season finale. After losing the race for councilperson, she makes the decision to step away from dating to focus on herself. Unfortunately, things got a little complicated for her when she discovered her ex-girlfriend, Adena El-Amin, played by Nikohl Boosheri, had just been hired at Scarlet. As for Jane, the writer went on a public panel to promote a story she wrote with Jacqueline and eventually decided to forgive her boyfriend, Ryan “Pinstripe” Decker (Dan Jeannotte) after he kissed another woman.

Jacqueline also decided to make significant changes to Scarlet so the magazine would remain “a leader when it comes to empowering women” rather than help sell a certain image. In order to do so, she ended up redoing the new fall issue, which seems to have caused a problem with the higher ups. At the end of the finale, the three women arrive at work to witness total chaos. People were seen running around, moving furniture, and packing boxes. And Jacqueline was nowhere to be found.

When asked about the dramatic cliffhanger, Lasher kept it cryptic.

“Let’s just say that the girls and Jacqueline are facing a new challenge that they did not anticipate,” she said.

As for Season 4, it seems the show’s writers will be diving deeper into the women’s friendship.

“It really is the truest love story of the show, and so it’s the one that the fans are here for and as writers, it’s one that we’re here for as well. And so we love just being able to dig deeper into the girls’ friendships and see different aspects of that,” Lasher continued.

Lasher also hinted that Pinstripe might be a changed man and it doesn’t look like he’ll be making the same mistake again in the future. She also described things as hopeful for Kat and Adena.

“I think that they’ve realized who they are to each other and they were able to work through the hurt,” she noted.

Season 4 of The Bold Type will hit Freeform soon.