WWE Rumors: A Lot Of Superstars Are Reaching Out To All Elite Wrestling About Jumping Ship


The creation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has caused a type of buzz in the world of wrestling that hasn’t been seen for nearly two decades. Since the demise of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), none of the other promotions have really challenged WWE, even though they’ve done well. Now, AEW is already creating a lot of hype — many believe they can serve as real competition for Vince McMahon, and it may result in the wrestling legend losing a lot of his own talent.

AEW has already signed a number of huge names from WWE’s past with Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose), and Dustin Rhodes (Goldust). Fans haven’t forgotten that Cody Rhodes was a former champion in WWE, and the recent signing of Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger) has added even more strength to AEW’s roster.

Of course, AEW is going to welcome in any wrestlers who want to be a part of their promotion while also making sure they are the right fit. That includes those who are free agent, up-and-comers, or even those under contract with other promotions, simply waiting for their deals to expire.

Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., reported that there is a lot of talent who “want out” of their deals with WWE. Not only do they want to leave Vince’s promotion, but they are already reaching out to AEW to see if they’ll have a new home once free.

Luke Harper heads to the ring for a match in WWE.
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In the past few months, a number of WWE superstars have decided to sign new deals with the company and stick around. AJ Styles and The Usos are a few of the biggest names who have decided to stay where they are and agree to new contracts.

There have been reports of many other superstars who are simply unhappy, and ready to do something different in their careers. The Revival, Mike Kanellis, and Luke Harper are a few of those who have been the subject of rumors indicating they want to leave WWE.

The Inquisitr reported a while back that WWE was purposely embarrassing The Revival in order to devalue them in the eyes of other promotions. This past week, though, they captured the Raw Tag Team Championship for the second time, which means something may have changed.

The Revival capture the Raw Tag Team Championship in WWE.
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Many mid-card or lower-tier superstars in WWE have seen that AEW are interested in top stars like Jon Moxley and those who never won a title, such as Tye Dillinger. They feel as if there is room for them to grow and prosper elsewhere, and that there are new options available to them.

WWE is reportedly trying to counteract AEW’s attempts at signing all of their talent away by offering more money to keep them under contract. Unfortunately for them, the unhappiness that has already developed has grown too great, and it could lead to a steady departure of wrestlers.