Donald Trump's Mental Illness May Lead To Trump 'Destroying Human Civilization,' Yale Psychiatrist Warns

Dr. Bandy X. Lee, a Yale University psychiatrist who has been warning of what she says is Donald Trump's declining mental health since 2017, now says that Trump's mental state and as a result, the U.S. political system, may now have passed a dangerous point of no return. Lee even edited a book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, compiling essays by mental health professionals evaluating Trump.

Trump's pattern of behavior will lead to predictably disastrous results, Lee told Salon writer Chauncey DeVega in an interview published on Friday, and that the American people will be in extreme danger.

"With Donald Trump there will be unacceptable levels of danger of him either destroying the United States or perhaps even human civilization," Lee warned. "Donald Trump is a national emergency."

Though Lee and many of her colleagues have warned for the entire duration of Trump's term that the president suffers from mental disorders that make him unfit to serve in the nation's highest office, she says that the sense of urgency to deal with Trump's mental health issues has increased since the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigative report, as The Inquisitr reported in April.

In a report posted to Dangerous Case, Lee and a group of mental health professionals said that even though Mueller did not find enough evidence to accuse Trump of collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential election, the report was still "a document of extraordinary evidence on mental incapacity."

"This is a moment that we predicted as almost the end point, where we as a country might be at a place of no return," Lee told DeVega in the Friday interview. "We have passed the point of being able to fix things ourselves."

Lee says in the interview that Trump has now created a nationwide condition of "malignant normality," which she describes as the point "where we will accept what is malignant as being normal." The phrase was coined by psychiatrist and author Robert Jay Lifton, who explained the phrase in an interview on journalist Bill Moyers' site.

"What we put forward as self-evident and normal may be deeply dangerous and destructive," Lifton told Moyers in the interview. "Donald Trump lies repeatedly. We may come to see a president as liar as normal. He also makes bombastic statements about nuclear weapons, for instance, which can then be seen as somehow normal."

In addition to Lee, author Justin Frank has also authored a book on Trump's mental state, writing that Trump appears to be "erotically attached to violence," and that the danger posed by Trump's violent rhetoric means that "everything Trump says must be taken seriously," as The Inquisitr reported.