WWE News: ‘205 Live’ Star Blasts Company On Twitter, Says WWE Doesn’t Pay Attention To Cruiserweight Division


Although WWE’s 205 Live has often been praised for focusing mostly on quality in-ring action rather than hit-or-miss on-air promos or non-wrestling segments, the company’s cruiserweight-centric show has often taken a back seat to WWE’s two flagship brands, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, and their namesake television programs. This was something 205 Live superstar Mike Kanellis apparently wanted to point out in a recent tweet, where he further accused WWE of not caring enough for its cruiserweight division.

In a series of tweets shared and cited by WrestlingNews.co, Kanellis tweeted on Wednesday that he believes 205 Live “puts on the best WRESTLING show of the week,” emphasizing that the program’s in-ring action is, in his opinion, superior to what fans get to see on Raw and SmackDown. He then asked WWE if the company is “paying attention now,” then proceeded to reply to some tweets from his followers.

In response to a fan who wrote that WWE “does not care” about 205 Live despite how the show is “10 times better” than SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw, Kanellis alleged that WWE indeed does not care, before adding that this sentiment is not shared by the company’s roster.

“Everyone involved with 205 cares more than you could possibly imagine,” Kanellis wrote.

Additionally, Kanellis also fired back at a few critical Twitter users, telling one person who said that WWE has “too much content” that they’re “missing out” on some good wrestling. He also said that the wrestlers on the 205 Live roster have a “chip on [their] shoulder” as they try to prove their relevance to WWE fans and higher-ups alike.

Mike Kanellis’ latest comments about the state of 205 Live come several months after reports alleged that he and his wife, Maria Kanellis, had asked to be released from their WWE contracts. Although WWE reportedly tried to appease the couple by giving them more television time on 205 Live, Maria teased on social media toward the end of May that their contracts were due to expire in three weeks, as previously reported by Wrestling Inc.

Meanwhile, Maria Kanellis has joined her husband in “taking over” 205 Live’s official Twitter feed in recent days, according to a report from Ringside News. When one of Maria’s followers responded by asking her why she and her husband are still making noise on social media with their contracts being “up on [sic] a week,” she offered a cryptic reply about “negotiating” with WWE officials, closing her tweet with a carrot emoji.