North Carolina Fashion Show Erupts Into Brawl [Video]

Charlotte, NC – A late-night fashion show somehow became an all-out, chair-and-table-tossing brawl, and the melee was captured on video.

The footage (see below) of the fashion show gone wrong even includes a woman tossing a large table at a bunch of men. The event in question is apparently called either the NC Awards Ball or the NC Awards Ball Aftermath, and it occurred at a Charlotte location called NDemand.

The owner, Charlene Henderson, told WBTV Channel 3 that she is “baffled” and “dumbfounded” about what happened at the ball turned brawl, but she deemed the event an “orderly fashion show” and an isolated incident until it got out of hand.

WBTV explains how the fight got started at the NC Awards Ball fashion show:

“Henderson says the event was going fine until a contestant apparently didn’t like a judge’s decision. She says that contestant threw a chair. Then, the brawl broke out.”

According to the BigLeagueSports website, “this might be some sort of LGBT function.”

Police, who were summoned to the location by a 911 call about 2 am Monday morning, have the incident under investigation as a result of the video upload but have not been able to identify or locate any cooperating witnesses. The original 911 caller claimed that one of the combatants had a sword and an axe, but neither weapon appear to be visible in this video. One man seems to be brandishing a hatchet, however, and tasers are also in use.

Watch the video of the brawl at the Charlotte, North Carolina, fashion show [warning for language]: