David Letterman Slams Donald Trump In New Interview, Calling Him 'Psychotic' And 'Soulless'

Ever since Donald Trump assumed the role of president of the United States, David Letterman has not held back his feelings about the real estate mogul.

As fans of Letterman know, Trump made as many as 30 appearances on Late Night with David Letterman as well as the Late Show with David Letterman. In a few of his past few interviews, Letterman has made it clear that he doesn't care for Trump anymore now that he is president because, in his eyes, David thinks Trump has changed. The 72-year-old recently sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter where he chatted about his past history with Donald and what he thinks of him now.

At first, David was shocked that Trump had appeared on his show so many times and jokingly said, "you're welcome, America." After that, the late-night host confessed that he thinks that Donald just liked being on TV and at the time, he didn't see his true colors.

"I had no sense that he was the soulless bast*** that he's turned into."
But despite his feelings toward Trump, David still says that he would love to sit down with him and chat, especially because he is confused and has a lot of questions for him since he changed so much since appearing on Letterman's shows. David says that he wants to figure out who the real Donald Trump is, and he may be able to do that in an interview."If the Donald Trump that I was talking to [back then] was the real Donald Trump, how do you get to be the guy he is now?" Letterman asked. "Politics notwithstanding — let's just say everything is great and he's done a great job, but he still behaves the way he behaves — who behaves like that?"

Toward the end of the interview, Letterman reiterated the fact that he no longer cares for Trump while also reflecting on Trump's time in real estate.

"He used to be kind of like the boob of New York that pretended to be wealthy, or we thought was wealthy, and now he's just a psychotic."
This is not the first time that the 72-year-old has spoken out against the president. As The Inquisitr shared a few weeks ago, David sat down with the ladies of The View where he again expressed his ill-feelings toward Trump. While reminiscing about his past interviews with the real estate mogul, he told the audience that Trump was a "bonehead" and a "goofball" when he appeared as a guest on his show. Now, it would be really interesting to see the two sit down for an interview for the first time in years.Letterman's newest endeavor, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, is available to stream on Netflix.