‘The Last Exorcism Part 2’ Prank Completely Ruins Salon Day [Video]

This year’s Judeo-Christian themed demon possession movie, The Last Exorcism: Part 2, debuts in theaters on Friday, making the salon prank video posted below pretty timely. Also, hilarious.

Exorcism movies have been pretty popular in the US for a long time, probably because the biggest religious demographic in the states represents Christianity in some form or another, so these kinds of movies fictionalize what some see as a very real spiritual threat.

So it should be no surprise that the poor ladies in the video below, out for a simple salon day, react they way they do to a made-up, creepy-looking girl crabwalking through the place and screeching at them through mirrors while they’re simply trying to add some highlights to their ‘dos.

The clip has already gone semi-viral since being published on February 25, with almost 400,000 views and almost 1,500 “likes.” My guess is that this hidden-camera prank video is actually a viral marketing initiative from the studio behind The Last Exorcism: Part 2.

Why? The quality, for one. The definition, the editing, the makeup, it all looks pretty top-notch. Second, the description leads with a link to the official website for the film. Lastly, the user that uploaded the film is “beatuyshopscare,” same as the clip’s title, and they only have the one video.

In any case, it’s a pretty funny clip, and you can watch it below. The Last Exorcism: Part 2 comes out in theaters this Friday. The “Beauty Shop Scare” prank video is NSFW for strong language.