Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Ryan Awakens, Julian Conspires With Sonny, And Carly Gets Baby News

Craig SjodinABC

The week of June 10 is shaping up to be an intense one on General Hospital. Spoilers from a new sneak peek indicate that viewers have a lot to look forward to over the course of the next few episodes, and bombshells are ready to drop.

The show’s Twitter page shared a sneak peek that was shown this past weekend at the fan convention. Viewers will see Willow ask Diane to destroy the file she has on Wiley’s adoption, a big ask that will leave Diane stunned.

As Willow and others are trying to cover any and all tracks that could lead Shiloh to Wiley, the Dawn of Day leader is scrambling on his end as well. He was put under arrest, but General Hospital spoilers have teased that he will manage to weasel out of this, at least temporarily. He will also be digging for information on his child, and teasers hint that he may soon make the connection to Wiley.

As Shiloh continues to wreak havoc on Port Charles, Jason and others will consider taking drastic action. General Hospital spoilers detail that Jason will promise Sam that Shiloh will never touch her again. In addition, he’ll get explosive in talking about wanting to get rid of the DOD leader in talks with Sonny.

Sonny and Jason aren’t the only ones who want Shiloh gone, and an unlikely alliance may soon form. Julian is also anxious to see Shiloh out of the picture as he’s desperate to prevent Brad and Lucas from losing Wiley. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Julian will ask Sonny and Jason to be included in any plan they may form.

General Hospital spoilers also detail that viewers will see what comes next for Ryan. The last that everybody saw, he was in a coma and was being taken to the infirmary at Pentonville. Some fans worried that he might suddenly awaken and pull something crazy in the elevator, but that won’t be the case.

However, Ryan isn’t gone for good quite yet. The sneak peek shows that Ryan will wake up and question where he is. Both Finn and Valerie will be there, and chances are good that Ryan will have a lot of questions.

As The Inquisitr had shared, fans speculated that Kevin pretended to be Ryan while the kidney donor paperwork was being signed. By the end of the week, it was made clear that this was indeed the case, and a handful of those close to the situation worked together to pull it off. Ryan will apparently soon learn about his generous donation, and viewers will be anxious to see his reaction.

The week will bring news for Carly as well. She has been anxious about this pregnancy all along, and she recently did some testing to see if there was any reason for concern. General Hospital spoilers share that her doctor will share the results, and apparently, the testing may have revealed something worrisome.

Peter and Maxie will share some romantic moments this week, and Jax will question Maxie and Nina’s idea of putting Ava on the Crimson cover. In addition, SheKnows Soaps notes that Margaux will pop up at least one more time, and there will be a bit of Kim and Drew on the way, too.

It looks like there will be a lot to take in during the week of June 10, and fans cannot wait to see how everything plays out. General Hospital spoilers tease that there may still be some twists and turns along the way, and more details should emerge soon.