WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Made Last-Minute Changes To One Match At ‘Super ShowDown,’ Per Dave Meltzer


Despite the fact that he will be turning 74-years-old in August, Vince McMahon still has the final word as far as WWE’s creative decisions are concerned. That appeared to be very much the case at WWE’s Super Showdown pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia on Friday, as the WWE owner and chairman reportedly made an 11th-hour change to the finish of one of the event’s scheduled matches.

Citing comments made by Dave Meltzer on Sunday’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, WrestingNews.co wrote that there was a “logical” plan originally in mind for the handicap match between Lars Sullivan and Lucha House Party. While it wasn’t made clear what the original finish was, the outlet speculated that the plan might have been for Sullivan to pick up an easy and decisive win over the three-man faction. Instead, this finish was apparently changed to the one that transpired on Friday, which saw Lucha House Party’s three members simultaneously attack Sullivan, allowing the 330-pounder to pick up the win via disqualification.

“In the Lars Sullivan match, the finish got changed and the original thing that would have theoretically made sense was in fact what they were going to do. Why that changed, I have no idea,” Meltzer was quoted as saying.

In addition, Meltzer noted that per his sources, Sullivan and Lucha House Party are expected to have a rematch on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw in San Jose, California. Separately, Wrestling Inc. reported that this same match could also be taking place at WWE’s Stomping Grounds pay-per-view in Tacoma, Washington, on June 23.

Regarding the reason why Vince McMahon supposedly changed the finish from a clean win to a victory via disqualification for Sullivan, Meltzer cited a company source, who told him that such decisions are an example of why WWE storylines are seen as illogical these days.

“I was just told that it’s just not the case anymore. There’s no logic here. There’s no explanation of anything. Why did Shane McMahon [defeat Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown]? It’s not like there’s a reason, it’s just weird.”

Since making his first main roster appearance earlier this year, Sullivan has been shrouded by controversy, especially after several inappropriate posts he allegedly made on a bodybuilding forum in previous years had reemerged about a month ago. Per Cageside Seats, Sullivan eventually issued a statement through WWE where he apologized to anyone who may have been offended by his past online comments.

Reacting to Meltzer’s story about McMahon’s alleged last-minute changes to the Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party match at Super ShowDown, WrestlingNews.co opined that the finish didn’t make Sullivan look strong in his first official main roster match, but added that WWE could potentially fix things on tonight’s episode of Raw, when the rematch is likely to take place.