‘Days Of Our Lives’ Summer Spoilers: Stefan & Gabi’s Relationship Gets Real

Chris HastonNBC

Days of Our Lives summer spoilers reveal that things are going to heat up quickly between Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) and Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash).

According to Soap Dirt, Days of Our Lives fans will soon see things take a quick turn for Gabi and Stefan. The two have been sleeping together for weeks, but Stefan has been playing it off as something casual.

Meanwhile, Gabi has been plotting to worm her way into Stefan’s heart all long. She has been using Stefan to get revenge, as she previously blamed him for so many bad things that have happened to her in the past year. However, after she began to sleep with him, she developed feelings for him.

Now that Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) is out of the picture, it seems that Stefan can have a clear conscience when he pursues a real romance with Gabi. Although Gabi had never planned to fall for Stefan, it seems that he could be just the man to pull her out of the recent bad girl status she has been thrust into.

The romance could also be a redeeming one for Stefan, who has been a Salem villain since the moment he stepped foot in town. However, recently he’s been shown in a new light. Stefan has been looking to fall in love and start a family of his own, which he could have with Gabi.

Since the soap is promising a handful of weddings in the upcoming weeks, it seems possible that Days of Our Lives fans could see Stefan and Gabi walk down the aisle together.

However, this will put Gabi in a very awkward situation. Will she be able to carry out her plan to take Stefan for all of his money and power and leave him in the dust, or will she give their romance a real chance and try to find love again after being so unlucky in the past?

Many fans have been loving Stefan and Gabi’s on-screen chemistry and are hoping to see them become a real couple in the near future. In addition, since they both have a side to them that likes to cause trouble and scheme, perhaps after they fall in love they’ll team up to cause some brand new drama for the people in Salem as a modern-day Kate Roberts and Victor Kiriakis.

Days of Our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.