Vietnamese Model Ngoc Trinh Wore A Dress To Cannes So Revealing, She Faces A Fine From Her Government For It

Vietnamese model and fashion designer Ngoc Trinh may want to reconsider her attire the next time she jets off to Cannes.

The 29-year-old made an appearance at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival last month wearing a glittering dress that was so ultra-revealing, a high-ranking government official in her home country said she will face a fine for it. As the New York Post reported, the dress just barely concealed Trinh’s “intimate areas,” and left some other areas of the model’s body completely exposed.

“The form-fitting dress consisted of sheer material in a halter top which left Trinh’s nipples exposed. A shimmering string wove through the material, and a beaded skirt with a double thigh split left her rear end mostly uncovered,” the report noted.

The dress caused quite a stir with people back in Vietnam, prompting the country’s Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to deem the dress “improper” and “offensive.” The report noted that she is now facing a fine over the racy attire.

The VN Express International had reported on the dress at the time of Ngoc Trinh’s appearance, noting that it drew international attention, including mentions in British and Australian newspapers. Back home, Vietnamese residents were less than pleased, with many leaving comments about the dress in news forums and condemning Trinh for what they saw as a shameful display.

The report noted that Vietnamese culture has become increasingly integrated in the past few decades, but that showing off too much skin “remains a no-no” in the culture.

For her part, Ngoc Trinh did not seem bothered by the flap and didn’t regret wearing the dress. In remarks afterward, Trinh noted that many people seemed to like the racy outfit.

“I’ve got a lot of praise for my outfit. I don’t care if people criticize it because I felt pretty in the dress, which made a good impression on the Cannes red carpet,” she said.

Ngoc Trinh’s appearance came at the premiere of the movie, A Hidden Life, which tells the story of an Austrian farmer named Franz Jägerstätter, who rejected Adolf Hitler and objected Nazi Germany’s role in World War II. As Variety reported, the movie ended up making quite an impression and set off a bidding war between a number of distributors, including Netflix.

It was not clear if the Vietnamese government has actually issued a fine to Ngoc Trinh for the racy Cannes appearance.

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