Police Continue Their Search For Missing Connecticut Mother-Of-Five, Jennifer Dulos

Jennifer Dulos is a missing mother-of-five from New Canaan, Connecticut. She was last seen on May 24 when she dropped her kids off at school. While police have not yet been able to locate Jennifer, they have two primary suspects in the case, her estranged husband and his girlfriend. Jennifer was going through a messy divorce from Fotis Dulos, who is also the father of her children.

Police now have reason to believe that Fotis and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, could have had something to do with Jennifer’s disappearance. They are turning to Fotis’ girlfriend for help in cracking the case, according to The New York Daily News.

Both Fotis and his 44-year-old girlfriend, Troconis, have been charged with evidence tampering and hindering an investigation, but there could be even more serious charges coming. In fact, the direction that law enforcement is taking the case provides reason to believe that Jennifer was murdered.

Police reportedly have secured phone records and video surveillance that suggest that both Fotis and Troconis were together the night Jennifer disappeared and were getting rid of evidence while driving throughout a secluded area. Perhaps the significant evidence police have against Troconis is what encouraged her to assist them with the case.

On Friday, Troconis was seen walking around the home she shared with Fotis while accompanied by law enforcement and her lawyer. Police have also reportedly located sponges and clothing covered with Jennifer’s blood, suggesting that the missing mother was involved in some sort of physical assault.

While it is quite possible that Jennifer Dulos will not be found alive, her family is holding out hope. Carrie Luft, a spokesperson for the family, spoke about how much they miss Jennifer, according to The Cut.

“We miss her beyond measure — her five young children, her family, her friends, colleagues and neighbors, as well as countless people who have never met her but who have responded to the spirit of grace and kindness that Jennifer embodies. The support and love, the concern for her children and the community efforts to help locate Jennifer have kept us going.”

Jennifer and Fotis were reportedly wrapped up in a nasty custody battle prior to her disappearance. Fotis had allegedly threatened Jennifer that if she didn’t go along with the settlement he proposed, he would kidnap the children so she wouldn’t see them again.

The investigation remains ongoing and Jennifer’s mother has temporary custody of her five children.

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