Trump White House Tailor, Ismet Dil, Says President’s Ill-Fitting Suit Is Not His Work

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

The official White House tailor, Ismet Dil, says he can’t explain what happened to Donald Trump’s suit for the state banquet with the queen because his tuxedo was ill-fitting. Trump wore white tie for the dinner, but the tailor who has fitted many presidents says that the suit that Trump wore was not the one he fitted for the trip to England.

The Daily Mail reports that the fit and look of Trump’s suit was widely condemned in the media and among fashion experts. Dil, who works out of his tailoring shop in Potomac, Maryland, says he didn’t even recognize the suit and says that the one Trump wore is not his work. He also said that he is not to blame, saying that in 50 years of business, he knows better.

“This is my profession. It’s not right. I don’t care if he is president. Someone is responsible — somebody helped him get dressed like that.”

Trump’s choice of a “ludicrously” long white waistcoat paired with a tux jacket that stopped halfway up his midriff and featured overlong sleeves baffled many who commented that the president looked as if he was wearing another man’s suit with one piece being too big, and another being too small.

Patrick Murphy, the head cutter at tailors Davies and Son, based in Savile Row, London says that everything was wrong with Trump’s tuxedo, particularly for a man of his size.

“It’s totally disproportionate to his height and girth. The waistcoat is far too long, it should not show underneath his jacket.”

Murphy says it is odd because Melania Trump always looks so perfect, but the president’s look is opposite in every way and that anything that could go wrong did.

“He is a big guy but the shoulders are too wide, they don’t flatter him.”

Late night comedians poked fun at Donald Trump and his outfit for such a formal event, reports The New York Times. Trevor Noah wondered how a man can have access to the nuclear codes but not a good tailor. He added that he wasn’t offended that Trump touched the queen, but he was offended by his fashion choices.

While Jimmy Kimmel said that he didn’t know that Huggies was now making tuxedos, Noah joked that while Robert Pattinson was the new Batman, Trump was obviously the new Penguin.

Twitter was full of photos of past presidents dressed perfectly accompanying Queen Elizabeth to show that Mr. Dil does know how to fit a tuxedo.