Donald Trump, Jr., And Eric Trump Failed To Pay Bar Tab Right Away In Ireland

Charles McQuillanGetty Images

The two oldest sons of President Trump visited a pub in Ireland and offered free rounds for the house — but didn’t have cash to pay the tab.

The Daily Beastinitally reported Saturday that when Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump stopped into Igoe Bar in the coastal town of Doonbeg, Ireland, Wednesday night as part of a pub crawl during their father’s visit to that country, that they left without paying the tab. The site quoted an Irish newspaper that said the owner of the bar had told them that the two brothers left without settling their bill, and they were still waiting for payment.

However, the bar issued a statement on its Facebook page soon after stating that “the Igoe Inn was paid in full for the round of drinks that Eric & Don bought for our customers.” The bar, in its post, added that “we do not appreciate being misquoted.”

The Daily Beast, while apologizing for earlier reporting that the pub had not been paid at all, further reported that “the golf course had given the bar a purchase order number and the bill had been arranged to be paid for by the Trump golf course.”

The Trump Organization owns a golf course nearby in Doonbeg, where Trump’s party stayed during their visit to Ireland.

The Irish Post wrote about the incident as well, describing it as “a memorable night for the Co Clare town that left more than a few with sore heads the next day.”

The owner of the bar, who wasn’t worried at first and figured that “someone would follow up and pay her and other pub owners in the village,” said that she later sent a bill to the Trump-owned golf course in the area.

The owner of the bar also described the Trump sons as “lovely and down to earth.”

“We were told it’d be all sorted later so there’s no problem,” Kennedy said, per the Irish Post article. She added that “we have the world press in our village and we are being zoomed in around the world and you couldn’t buy that publicity.”

The Washington Post last week wrote about the adventures of the president’s adult children on his recent trip to Europe, which wrapped up on Friday. It described the two older sons as promoting their business interests and other projects during the presidential travel, and availing themselves of “fancy hotels and expensive limousines contracted by the U.S. government” during their European travels.

While that bill was paid, it’s unclear what payment arrangements were made for Donald, Eric, and Tiffany, the Trump children who went on the trip despite not having official government roles. The president’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, is a White House staffer, as is her husband, Jared Kushner.

Just as he often criticized his predecessor, Barack Obama, for golfing while president, Trump was frequently critical of Obama for incurring large taxpayer expenses while traveling abroad.

The Post story also said that when the Trumps visited Doonbeg, “locals were thrilled to see the Trump sons as they meandered through five local pubs Wednesday and poured drafts for patrons.”