‘Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Nina May Have Found Her Moneymaker In Ava Jerome

There is no doubt that Ava Jerome and Nina Reeves are not exactly BFFs on ABC’s General Hospital. They have a torrid past between them that has to do with Silas Clay. Nina kidnapped baby Avery after forcibly inducing Ava’s labor a few years ago. She has since changed, but the two women still have no love for each other at all. Are they ready to call a truce?

Nina will do anything to keep Crimson alive and thriving. Now that she has accepted a challenge that Jax has set before her, she is even more anxious to prove to him that she can make money for the magazine. On Friday’s General Hospital, Nina, Maxie, and Sasha were putting their heads together to figure out who should be featured in the big September issue. Maxie suggested Ava Jerome. Nina was dead set against it until Maxie pointed out that people love to read all about juicy and controversial stories, and Ava more than fits that bill. She also told Nina that it’s a win for her that she can make money off of Ava and Ava will get what she deserves.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps for the week of June 10 tease that Ava will cut her losses. Does that mean she will take Franco’s advice and let go of her revenge of Ryan Chamberlain? He has been sent to Pentonville and he is still in a coma.

At the same time that Nina and her Crimson crew were talking about Ava, she was sitting at Charlie’s chatting with Franco. He is concerned for his friend and told her that she needs to forget about Ryan for her own good and focus on getting the art gallery back in high gear. It looks like she was taking his advice about the gallery as she was on the phone with a dealer when Nina walked up to her.

Nina flew out of her office just as Jax walked in. As soon as Maxie mentioned how much money they would make off of Ava, she took her advice and went to see her. On Monday’s episode, Nina will tell Ava that she wants to give her the opportunity to tell her story. What will Ava say to that? Will she and Nina call a temporary truce?

Nina may have to grovel a bit to get Ava to agree to be her cover girl for Crimson. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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