Fox News Host Accuses Migrants Of ‘Mocking’ Border Wall By Walking Around It

Joe RaedleGetty Images

On Friday, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade accused a group of migrants of “mocking” the U.S.-Mexico border wall by walking around it, Newsweek reports.

The Fox & Friends co-host made the claim while discussing video footage from U.S. Customs and Border Protection — footage showing many migrants walking around the barrier. Kilmeade described the news as “alarming,” accusing the migrants of “mocking” the wall.

“Take look at this — more than 100 migrants, you see here, just mocking the wall, just walking around the unfinished wall,” he said, proceeding to urge Congress to back President Donald Trump’s initiatives on illegal immigration. Kilmeade also called upon Congress to support the continued building of a wall on the U.S-Mexico border.

“See, this is a reason to finish it, Congress,” he said.

Kilmeade’s co-hosts joined in, observing that migrants are indeed simply walking around the wall, one meant to curb illegal immigration. “Look, you can see the migrants on both sides of wall. They’re just walking around it,” Ainsley Earhardt said, prompting Griff Jenkins to agree. Jenkins suggested that weak border security is the main reason that apprehension numbers are “skyrocketing.”

The trio agreed that the group of migrants is “casually” walking around the wall, and are not even being approached by members of law enforcement.

As Newsweek notes, the conservative-leaning network has embraced the president’s stances on illegal immigration, frequently running segments meant to illustrate that the United States is being invaded by undocumented migrants. Kilmeade, for instance, is known for claiming that illegal immigrants are being “dumped” in American cities.

Former President Barack Obama, according to the host, “dumped” migrant children in American schools.

President Trump has campaigned — and has attempted to govern — as a hardliner on illegal immigration. Fox News’ reportage about another migrant “invasion” comes amid the administration’s latest move to curb illegal immigration. As The New York Times reported, Trump is threatening to impose tariffs on Mexican goods unless the country does something about the numerous groups of undocumented migrants moving through Mexican territory in an effort to enter the United States.

Many have urged Trump to hit the pause button on potential tariffs against Mexico, even some of his Republican allies. According to them, imposing tariffs on Mexican goods will hurt both countries’ economies. The president has not backed down, however, and he claims that Mexico will eventually have to put an end to illegal border crossings.

As The New York Times notes, Trump has set a deadline of June 10, at which time he will use emergency powers to begin taxing Mexican goods. Initially, the goods will be taxed at five percent, and the percentage will increase to 25 percent by October of 2019 should Mexico refuse to make significant steps to curb migration.