‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Nelle Gets A Visit, Shiloh Digs, And Drew Takes Care Of Kim

Troy HarveyWalt Disney Television

The week of June 10 is slated to be a wild one on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that the baby swap drama will be heavily featured throughout the course of the week, and there are some surprises on the way.

People throughout Port Charles are on edge with this baby drama. Word is spreading about Willow and Shiloh being Wiley’s birth parents, and Shiloh himself is determined to find his child. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Monday’s show indicate that he’ll start looking for a birth certificate. Of course, Julian is doing his best to stay a step ahead.

Julian and Sam already took care of some of the documents related to the adoption, but Diane still has all of her paperwork. General Hospital spoilers note that Willow will try to address this with Diane, but she may not have much luck.

A handful of Port Charles residents are crossing questionable lines to try to keep Shiloh from finding the baby. However, SheKnows Soaps notes that Chase will maintain a distance from breaking any laws. Willow’s mother Harmony is now in the mix of all of this as well, and Chase will soon learn about this mother-and-daughter connection and be stunned.

Shiloh will do his best to charm anybody who can help him, and General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll have a chance to taunt Sam at some point. Harmony will find herself in a tough spot where she needs Shiloh’s help, and Willow will get support from Michael again.

Brad is freaking out, and Julian is the only one who knows the reason behind Brad’s excessive panic. General Hospital spoilers note that Julian will urge Brad to chill out. However, as viewers know, Julian doesn’t even know the most explosive component of this baby swap: “Wiley” is really Michael and Nelle’s son Jonah.

Speaking of Nelle, General Hospital spoilers tease that she’ll pop up during the episode airing on Friday, June 14. Someone will surprise her with a visit, and fans hope that this will be the next step in the truth about Jonah emerging. Does Brad visit her or is someone else anxious to talk with her?

Kim and Drew are in Tanzania visiting Mt. Kilimanjaro where they plan to spread Oscar’s ashes. Kim is struggling a great deal at this point, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Drew will stay right by her side to help. It is expected that they will be back in Port Charles soon, but their grieving has only just begun.

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that viewers may see Margaux one more time, and she’ll again cross paths with Shiloh. As The Inquisitr noted earlier, actress Elizabeth Hendrickson has wrapped up her time in the role as the district attorney. Thursday’s show seemed as if it might be her last, but the latest teasers suggest that she’s not entirely gone quite yet.

Viewers are quite anxious to see Michael reunited with Jonah, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the time may finally be coming. The week of June 10 will be jam-packed with action regarding this storyline, and it sounds as if more twists may be ahead.