Nick Jonas Says New Jonas Brothers Song ‘I Believe’ Is Love Letter To Priyanka Chopra

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Nick Jonas sings about the power of love in the Jonas Brothers’ comeback album, Happiness Begins. Particularly, the singer revealed that the single “I Believe” is dedicated his wife Priyanka Chopra.

The album, which is the band’s first record together in ten years, dropped at midnight on Thursday, and Nick said the track was a “love letter” to his new bride.

“This song is a love letter to my wife,” he told Apple Music. “I’m so excited to play it on tour.”

“We listened to it a lot on your bachelor party. It sounds even better by the beach,” Joe Jonas said of the single.

Nick had has his bachelor party in November, a few weeks before he married Priyanka in December after a whirlwind romance.

Nick and Priyanka had their first face-to-face encounter at Vanity Fair’s Oscars after-party in 2017, after the two had texted and talked to each other for a few months. Harper’s Bazaar reported that that Nick got Priyanka’s phone number after he direct messaged her on Twitter. When he first saw her at the party, he reportedly got down on one knee, told her he could not believe she was real, and asked her where she had been all of his life.

The two became engaged on July 8, 2018, which also happened to be Priyanka’s birthday. The rest, as they say, is history.

While Nick and Priyanka are just starting their lives together, they reportedly love the idea of leaving the spotlight behind them, perhaps living on a farm.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, Kevin said that Nick has always been interested in living on a farm — even when the band was at its peak, Nick was busy looking at farm property. Nick said that the idea still appeals to him — and apparently it appeals to Priyanka as well.

“The farm is very much in play,” he said. “She loves the idea.”

When speaking about his relationship with the Quantico star, Nick said that he could have never predicted who he would fall in love with, but that he was very grateful to have found the “right person.”

Joe told Apple Music that the group went into every recording session on Happiness Begins with the desire to “bottle up happiness and bring it to the world.”

Nick and Priyanka certainly seem to be well on their way to enjoying their own slice of happiness.